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Thinking about booking with me?  Awesome!  Let’s cover the ground rules first.


 - I’m a pretty tolerant person - but any disregard for my safety and me as a person crosses the line.  Be a good human to me during our session I reserve the right to cut it off without refund.


 -   I will be clean, soft and fresh for our session.  I’d appreciate it if you were too.  Take a shower if you need to!


 - Try not to be a prejudiced bigot.   Love speech, not hate speech. ❤️


 - Understand that there is a separation between personal and professional life.  I’m discreet.  Please be as well.

- All new clients go through a painless, discreet, MANDATORY screening process before we meet.  It's cool!  Details about screening can be found on my contact page.


All these sound good?  Groovy!  Let’s book!


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