** PLEASE take note of my practises & requirements outlined below for hygiene & safety during COVID-19 **

                    SO.  After all that - 


Thinking about booking with me?  Awesome!  Let’s cover the ground rules first.


 - I’m a pretty tolerant person - but any disregard for my safety and me as a person crosses the line.  Be a good human to me during our session I reserve the right to cut it off without refund.


 -   I will be clean, soft and fresh for our session.  I’d appreciate it if you were too.  Getting clean together is also highly recommended!


 - Try not to be a prejudiced bigot.  It’s 2021.  Love speech, not hate speech. ❤️


 - Understand that there is a separation between personal and professional life.  I’m discreet.  Please be as well.

- All new clients go through a painless, discreet, MANDATORY screening process before we meet.  It's cool!  Details about screening can be found on my contact page.


All these sound good?  Groovy!  Let’s book!

**I have been vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and am waiting to hear abut the confirmation of the date of my second vaccine.  YAY!  

**The incall I host at is disinfected after every appointment and all appointments are responsibly spaced out.

**I will check in with you 48 hours before, and the morning of our appointment to see how your health is.  If you have any symptoms or have knowingly come into contact with someone with COVID-19, please disclose and I will happily re-schedule our date.

**On your way to and upon your arrival at my incall space, please do your best to wear a mask/face covering.  It makes the concierge feel more at ease, and myself.

**You will get the biggest hug and smooch from me when you arrive - AFTER you thoroughly wash your hands and rinse with mouthwash.

**How did you get to my incall?  Depending on your travel and precautions taken, I reserve the right to shove you into the shower before we dance.  (This kind of goes without saying anyways.)

**If you have any queries/concerns about interacting during COVID, please ask!  I will do my best to accommodate your concerns about health.