Hey there!  I’m Lucy.  It’s such a pleasure.

If you’ve arrived here, it must mean that you, like me, have a deep and continual love for physical connection, food, tattoos, nature, travel, sensuousness, craft beer and live music.

 I love Sunday morning coffee while lazing in bed listening to the Velvet Underground.  I dig sitting on a patio sipping beer and being goofy.  I adore animals and lazing around in the park.  I look forward to trying new restaurants and going on road trips.  And I cherish music - especially anything psychedelic.❤️

I pretty much live in long flowing skirts and thigh high fishnets; leather jackets and sparkly lingerie; band t-shirts and little black dresses.  I have nine tattoos of varying sizes.  It would be a pleasure to reveal them to you.

Into curvy women?  I’m here for you!  I have a stomach, a E-cup bosom and a behind.  I'm squishy and I am very proud of it.  My thick, brown hair trails all the way down to my bum and frames my big, blue eyes.  I'll definitely give you something to hold onto...

If you want a lover who can also be your friend, you've got me.  I'm a great listener and an introverted extrovert.  That means we can either go to a show and drink beer and yell - or stay in, enjoy some 420 and make out.   Priority goes to Radiohead fans and big hearts.

Awaiting your response…

xo LD!



More things...

 Age - 32


Hometown - Toronto


Background - Eastern European


Height - 5'5''


Weight - 170 LBS

Size - 8


Hair - Brown, very long (down to my bum!)


Eyes - Blue/grey


Bust - 34E, natural


Tattoos  - Nine (back, left arm, right               wrist,  both feet, right hip)


Piercings - Four studs in each ear

Skin - Soft & squishy



Smoke - No-ish (been on the quitting train   since 2018)


Drink - Lover of craft beer and coffee


420 - Yes

Book - Harriet The Spy

Music - Psychedelia, garage, blues, electronic, trip hop, dad rock

Food - Indian /carbs

Hobbies - Reading, writing, concerts, hiking, attempting to cook, conversing for hours

Weaknesses - Hand tattoos

Hates - Olives

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